Gamer FAQ

About Keymailer

What is Keymailer?

Keymailer is an online resource for content creators, game publishers, developers and PR agencies to connect, send and receive game keys for review, and highlight the great content generated from those keys. When you set up a Gamer account on Keymailer and request games, the game's Publisher will see your profile, channel links, content, the games you play and feature, and any other information you have provided to support your key requests.

How does Keymailer work?

When you request a game key, the publisher or their agent checks out your Keymailer profile, channel stats and the type of content you create. If they send you a key, using the tags provided on the content you create will enable us to pick it up automatically and send to the publisher, so they can let the game's community know and hopefully drive audience your way. You may also be offered games based on what you've played or featured in the past. So if you like a particular game or genre, you may well be offered game keys for other similar games. All gaming content you create is added to your Keymailer profile to make sure Publishers have up to date information about your channels.

Is Keymailer really free?


Who pays for Keymailer?

Keymailer is free for content creators and game publishers to request, send and receive game keys. Keymailer's overheads are paid for through advertising placements where publishers can increase their game's visibility, and access to extra tools and reporting.

What is maintenance mode?

Very occasionally we need to perform updates and maintenance on Keymailer. We will flag all scheduled maintenance on the top of the Login and Discovery page to warn of site downtime. Unscheduled downtime will make us just as angry as you, so you have our assurance that we will be trying to fix it as quickly as humanly possible.

I’ve got no interest in games any more. How do I cancel my account?

Login and go to Here you can change your password or delete your account completely.

Account Problems

I entered the wrong email address when registering. How do I fix this?

For security reasons we can't change your registered email address for you. However if you email us at helpdesk (@) here we can erase the account completely and you can then sign up again with your correct email.

How do I change the Steam account linked to my account?

Login and go here to change or add connected accounts. Click DISCONNECT and then reconnect to Steam when the page refreshes. You can also add accessories you own that you want publishers to know about.

How do I add a channel to my account?

Login and go to and click CONNECT for the platform you require. You will then be prompted for the email address linked to that video channel and a set of permissions.

How do I change a channel on my account?

Login and go to and click DISCONNECT. When the page refreshes, click CONNECT NOW and you will be prompted for the email address linked to video channel you want to connect.

How do I change my password?

Login and go to Under ACTIONS, click CHANGE PASSWORD.

I'm a member of an MCN - is that relevant to Keymailer?

We’re building functionality that will enable members of MCNs to connect through Keymailer. In the meantime, if you are a member of an MCN or an MCN that would like to be listed on the system, please email us at helpdesk (@) for assistance.

Accreditation Questions

What is Accreditation?

[noun] Accreditation is the act of granting credit or recognition to someone who maintains suitable standards.

In the case of being a content creator or broadcaster, being accredited tells publishers, developers and PRs looking at your account that you regularly feature video games, tag them appropriately, and have an active audience watching your content. Once you profile has collected enough content, a genuine human (or a close relative of one) checks out your channels.

There is always a queue for the humans to watch the videos submitted for accreditation. If we're quick, it happens in a day, but it may take up to a week. The queue is sorted by submission time and number of views, so channels with high viewer counts tend to get accredited before channels with only a few hundred views.

How do I get accredited?

Before most publishers will send you keys via Keymailer you need to become Accredited. This is a simple check that you are an active content creator and regularly creating game-related content for your channel, tagging it correctly and understand how Keymailer works.

To become Accredited, the current criteria* are that you must:

  • Have at least 50 subscribers to your channel on Twitch, Mixer or YouTube
  • Tag at least three pieces of content using the official tags (as discussed in the tagging section)
  • Tweets do not count towards accreditation, and we can only accept content less than a month old.

You will then be reviewed by Keymailer staff to check the content is correctly tagged and valid before receiving your accreditation. Obviously, the more content you have on your channel, the easier it is to accredit you.

Uploading three pieces of content specifically to get accredited will likely delay the process because we’re looking for established channel activity.

*Please note: The Accreditation criteria is subject to change. We regularly poll developers and publishers to ask them what they regard to be the acceptable minimum for an Accredited user.

How old can my video uploads be to be considered?

For accreditation purposes, the tagged videos must be no more than one month old.

How long does it take to be Accredited?

We process accreditations every day, and the queue is prioritized by channel size. Channels with more than 1,000 subscribers are normally processed the same day, but smaller channels may take up to 2 weeks, depending on how often content is uploaded. Once you have been accredited your account will be automatically updated. You will receive an email once this has been completed.

I've made three 30-second videos. Why haven’t I been Accredited yet?

Generally speaking, videos under 5 minute, trailers, and other people’s content uploaded to your channel will automatically get flagged as invalid and won’t count towards Accreditation. All tagged coverage is forwarded to the relevant game’s Publisher, so it may delay your accreditation if you tag a video with multiple games that don't match the content.

I review games for a website. How do I get accredited?

We are expanding Keymailer to include websites and blogs. Once you’ve created an account, click here to link to the websites and blogs you write for.

Game Keys

How do I request game keys?

Login to your Keymailer account, and click on any game you're interested in to find out more about it. If the game is available to request, click the REQUEST KEY button to let the publisher know you're interested.

Please note: In most cases, game publishers and their agents have a limited supply of game keys to hand out for reviews. The criteria for supporting channels varies from publisher to publisher, and even game to game. Typically publishers will be looking for channels with regular content updates, a reasonable number of livestream or VOD views, and a relevance to the game in question.

How long does it take to get a key?

It’s entirely down to the game publisher and the availability of game keys.

Most publishers will receive their game key allocation 2-7 days before launch, depending on the platform. They may send them out straight away. Others may need to wait until the servers go live. The older a game is, the harder it is for a publisher or their agents to get extra keys, so bear that in mind if requesting a game first launched 10 years ago.

How will I know if I've been given a key?

If your request is successful, the key offer will appear in the My Keys tab. A red number will indicate how many offers you have pending. You will also be notified by email.

Am I guaranteed to get every key I request?

Sadly, no. Publishers have a limited supply of game keys for generating review coverage, so they have to use the information available to them to work out whom to send those keys to. The advantage of using Keymailer is publishers have access to all the latest stats about your channel, the types of games and genres you like, and don't have to base a decision solely on subs or follower numbers.

If my key request is turned down, can I re-request a game?

Not right now. If the publisher has been unable to provide you with a key, there's currently no option to re-request that game.

We are aware that circumstances can change, so we will add functionality that will make it possible to have other options, like being put on a waiting list for example.

Why didn't I get a key for a game I requested?

The game publisher and their agents have a finite amount of keys available for review purposes and have to decide whom they send game keys to. Often that means they can't support everyone and they have to make that decision based on channel size or relevance.

I've got 100 followers. Can I have GTA V?

In all likelihood, no. Publishers get a lot of requests for AAA games and their supply of promotional game keys for media is not infinite. They will most likely have to start with bigger channels and work their way down until all the keys run out.

The solution is to make your channel really big. Easy, huh?

I've been sent a game key. What if I give it to someone else?

If the game key you receive is subject to terms and conditions or embargoes, then under no circumstances should you give it to someone else, e.g. when a game is pre-release or part of an alpha or beta program and has required your acceptance of terms and conditions before you were able to access the key.

You're not obliged to create content, and we make it clear to publishers that you may play the game and find it unsuitable for your channel. If you're unlikely to play a game, however, you can reject it and give a nice reason for doing so.

Can I sell the key I’ve been sent?

No. Most keys will be sent under the explicit agreement that the key is not for resale or giveaways. Game keys sent to you by publishers and developers are for the purposes of review unless otherwise stated.

If a developer or publisher complains to us that a key issued for review has been sold, we reserve the right to suspend or block the account of the user to whom that key has been issued once fully investigated.

I didn't like the game or it wasn't right for my audience. Will that affect my ability to get keys in the future?

No. Obviously if you never feature any of the games you receive, publishers are probably going to prioritise other channels in future.

What happens if I don’t use a key that I've been sent?

You can activate it for playing later, or you can also be really nice and send it back for someone else to play.

Someone keeps sending me keys I’ve no interest in. How do I make them stop?

Tell us and we’ll put a stop to it. The whole point of Keymailer is to make it easier to get the games you want to play and get rid of the spam. Email us at helpdesk (@) with the details on the matter and we will resolve the issue for you.

I’ve received a message with a key. Why is that?

A key received with a message may have specific terms and conditions you will need to read and accept before the key can be redeemed. There could be a number of reasons for this. For example, there might be specific music not licensed for broadcast you’ll need to avoid, an embargo time and date that must be adhered to, a specific credit required or just the developer wanting to say Hi and give a short brief on what the game’s about. If the message requires acceptance, it’s important you read any associated documents because you are entering into an agreement directly with the publisher or developer sending you the key

What happens if I break the terms of the agreement or embargo?

Since fiery pits are outlawed in most countries, we’re working on suitably gruesome punishments for offenders. We understand that mistakes can happen, and in most cases the publisher will ask for the content to be taken down. In more serious cases… Well, think legal lava and possibly spikes. The onus is on the key recipient to read and check that they are working within those terms and conditions (where applicable). If in any doubt, please email us at helpdesk (@) and we’ll investigate on your behalf with the publisher concerned.

Tagging Content

What is tagging?

When you upload a video on YouTube, tags help your audience find that video. It's also why it's important to tag correctly; imagine a viewer's displeasure if they were to search for "Cats" and you'd used that tag on a Dog video!!

Apart from tags making it easier for audiences to find your content, Keymailer uses these tags to automatically clip content link it to a game, and add it to your content stream for publishers to see.

What are the official tags I need to use and where do I find them?

YouTube and Twitter content tags are shown on game pages above the system requirements, and are also included in the key offer message.

Keymailer will automatically clip it, save it to your profile for you, and also send it to the publisher so they can share it with their communities.

How do I tag my Twitch or Mixer broadcast?

When you broadcast in Twitch or Mixer you need to associate the stream with a game. By doing this, we will know which game the content is for and add it to your content stream.

What if the tag I use doesn't match the game featured in my video?

Without properly tagged content, social media as we know it would collapse, chaos would ensue, and cat videos would go unwatched.

Well, apart from making it very difficult for new viewers to find you and grow your audience, and frustrate those that do come looking, incorrectly tagged content will most likely get flagged as invalid by the game's publisher, which can have an impact on your Accreditation.

What is the purpose of the Content Stream in My Profile?

This acts as a portfolio of work for you, recording livestream and VOD information that would otherwise be lost. It's used by publishers sending out game keys and looking for channels to engage with.

Correctly tagged content is also automatically sent to the publisher that owns the game, so they can flag it to the game's community or possibly reach out to you directly.

When will content appear in my Content Stream? How often is it refreshed by Keymailer?

VOD content updates is checked for on a continuous cycle. This uses up a lot of resources, so the process is prioritised by the amount of content uploaded to a channel over time. Channels uploading content daily will be checked the most, and channels adding one piece of content a month will be checked the least. As soon as the VOD content has been identified, the viewer stats will be updated on the same basis.

Livestreams will be identified as they happen and appear in the content stream when completed, usually within an hour.

How will having content in my Content Stream affect me?

When you correctly tag content from your channels, it is added to your content stream under your Profile. When game publishers log on to check out your game request, they can see your channel stats and examples of your coverage.

Tagged content is also sent directly to the publisher of that game.

Do I have to use SUBMIT CONTENT to make appear in my content stream?

If your YouTube content hasn’t appeared in you content stream within 24-48 hours Accredited users can add it manually using the SUBMIT CONTENT button on the bottom right of the MY PROFILE page.

How far back will Keymailer pick up my content?

When you first sign up the system will go back 6 months and add that content to your profile.

Keymailer Ranking

What is the ranking on Keymailer

Big numbers like subs and followings don't always tell the whole story. So, although the big number will remain a factor, Keymailer is developing a ranking system more suited to the video games industry - a more granular approach and more opportunities for you to demonstrate your relevance to publishers and developers.

The current system is temporary while we accumulate the data need by the Science Department. We'll upload a video explaining how the ranking system works when version 2.0 goes live shortly.

Where can I view my ranking?

Your Keymailer ranking is shown on your Profile page.

How do you rank me and my channel?

We use the data we collect to demonstrate your influence in gaming genres and for specific games, rather than just a chart based on number of views. Because this information is more granular and relevant to games marketing, the intention is this will give you the tools to quantify your relevance and value for you to develop more commercial deals and get more games.

When and how will my keymailer rank go up?

Keymailer rankings are calculated once every 24 hours based on constantly updating view and audience stats from your VOD and Livestream content. Using special powers of Maths and Science, those stats are fed into a ranking algorithm that calculates a time-weighted score for your channels

Is my rank calculated using all my videos?

Keymailer will pick up on content you create for all the games we have listed on the site, not just the ones you’ve received via Keymailer, and we go back six months from when you sign up.

Occasionally console, non-Steam PC games, or browser-based games won't be picked up immediately on launch. We endeavor to add these as quickly as possible, which will pick up your VOD content retrospectively and use it for rank calculation.

Why do I need to link my Steam account?

At a very basic level, we use it to help confirm your identity and what games you like playing. We will be adding more gaming platforms and services over time. Connecting these to your account increases the likelihood that publishers will send you game keys on that platform.

Why does my Steam account have to be set to public?

This is so publishers can see what games you like playing, if you own a base game so they can send you DLC, etc. It also means you don’t have to constantly update your preferences of what games you’d like to receive. Please note: we will never attempt to contact you through your Steam account.

What data can you see from my Steam account?

Games owned, most played and recently played. This data is used to demonstrate your value to publishers for specific games and genres, which will help you get more games.

I get an error when trying to link my steam account - what should I do?

Sometimes Steam’s servers experience some downtime. This is unfortunately out of our control. We suggest you pop back later and try to link your Steam account with Keymailer again.

Is Keymailer affiliated with Steam?

Keymailer is in no way affiliated with Steam or Valve.

Connecting YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and Twitter

Why do I need to connect my YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and Twitter channels?

We use this to confirm your relationship with the channel you’re connecting, and to make it impossible for someone else to pretend to be you. It also means we can keep your channel stats up to date automatically so publishers always see an up to date profile for you.

What data do you use from my YouTube, Twitch and Twitter accounts?

O-Auth connections specify the information we can access for your channels, but never security information like passwords or personal information.

Twitter permissions:

  • Read Tweets from your timeline
  • See who you follow

Twitch permissions:

  • View your email address
  • View your channel's email address.
  • Get a list of all subscribers to your channel.

YouTube permissions:

  • View your basic profile info
  • View your full name, profile picture and profile URL
  • View any publicly available information on your Google+ profile (if you have one or create one in the future)
  • View your YouTube account
  • View your videos and playlists
  • View your YouTube activity
  • View YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube channels and videos, like Watchtime.

Who sees my channel analytics?

Channel analytics are distilled down to build your profile. The information you see on your Keymailer profile is what publishers see when they are looking at your channel. Some statistics like watch time and countries where the views occurred are relevant to the publisher of the game you were covering, so the data is used in the campaign reports we build for them. We treat this as privileged information and will not make it public without your consent and that of the publisher concerned.

Can anyone see my contact details?

No, we don't expose your contact details when you request or receive game keys. Messages you receive in-system don't expose your contact details. If you sign up for Real Stuff, your mailing details and contact details will need to be shared with the individual or companies (and their couriers) responsible for offering you Real Stuff.

Do you ever give out my contact details?

No, not without your express permission.

Can we link multiple YouTube, Twitch, Mixer or twitter channels to a single Keymailer account?

At the moment your Keymailer account can only link to one channel from each platform. An update is planned to enable you to connect multiple channels from the same platform, and link your co-creators into your Keymailer account as team members.

What happens if there’s more than one of us working on a channel?

Linking Keymailer accounts and creating channel teams is high on our priority list. Currently only one person can be linked to a channel, and we plan to add team functionality soon!

Why does my subscriber count show 0 after connecting my youtube channel?

Keymailer has to scan through your whole accounts which takes a while. Your entire information about a new connected channel will show up after 24-48h.

Affiliate Links

What are affiliate links

Affiliate links are a way for you to monetize your channel. By sharing an affiliate link with your audience you make a commission every time a viewer buys a game using your link.

How do I get a request link?

Games that have an affiliate program will show an Affiliate $$$$ label. You can get an affiliate link if you are accredited on Keymailer and you can request a link in much the same way as requesting games - just hit the Get Link button.

Where do I put the link on my channel?

Copy the link and paste it into the description under your video so that it’s visible without scrolling. Or you can add it in the chat box during a stream, or anywhere else on your video platform where you think viewers will see the link.

Do I need to disclose anything?

Rules about disclosure vary from country to country. It’s generally good practice to let viewers know that you benefit when they buy a game from your link, and many of them will want to support you and your channel in this way.

What should I say?

It’s up to you and what suits your personal style, but we recommend along the lines of, “... If you want to buy the game, you can use my link in the description below. I get a share of the sale, so you’ll also be supporting me and my channel, so thank you!”

How do I get paid?

When the commission you have earned gets high enough you will receive a payment to your PayPal account from keymailer. You can set the amount to reach before you get paid in the Money settings page here

How much will I make?

If your audience buys thousands of games using your link you could make quite a lot of money.

For example, if you take an affiliate link for a $20 game that pays 10% commission, you will earn $2 for each game your audience buys. So if 5 people buy the game using your link you will make $10 (5 X $2 = 10). If 500 people buy the game using your link you will make $1,000.

Are there any charges or costs for me?

Any PayPal charges will come out of your payment, which depends on your country and how big the payment is. For example, if PayPal charges $2 plus 5% for the transfer in your country, and you transfer $10, you would lose $3 to PayPal charges. you can reduce the impact of PayPal charges by setting the payout level higher, so if you were paid out at $100 not $10, a $3 charge would only be 3% of the overall amount.