Accreditation & Eligibility

  • Influencers, Press, & Creators

    Our system supports major video influencers, the game press, and creators with smaller channels.

    Everyone is treated fairly.

    However, promoters have their own criteria and can filter and sort requests however they want. Typically, promoters will respond to bigger influencers and press outlets first. 

    As such, we encourage users to link their video channel or press outlet that achieves the most views on a regular basis.

  • What is Accreditation?

    Accreditation on Keymailer is a recognition that you are an effective gaming influencer.

    In the case of being a content creator or broadcaster, being accredited tells publishers, developers and PRs looking at your account that you regularly feature video games, tag them appropriately, and have an active audience watching your content.

    Keymailer don’t give out keys ourselves, it’s the publisher, developer or PR agency of the game that chooses who to distribute keys to. They will only want to give keys out to creators who are going to raise awareness for their game, so Accreditation helps them make that decision.

  • How do I get Accredited?

    You will be Accredited if your account:

    1. Has at least one Eligible video or press channel (Twitter is not included)
    2. Creates quality gaming content regularly
    3. Has well-tagged or categorised content

    Once you have all of these, your account will be evaluated for Accreditation. However, you can still use Keymailer without being Accredited.

    Please note:
    The Accreditation criteria is subject to change, we regularly poll developers and publishers to ask them what they regard to be the acceptable minimum for an Accredited user.
    We may remove Accreditation or even suspend accounts that produce little gaming coverage from redeemed keys.

  • What is Eligibility?

    Eligibility is a status attached to your content channels: video or press. 

    While these checks are ongoing, video channel status will be set as ‘Lacking Data’. Once these checks have been completed and if your channel passes the checks, your channel status will become ‘Eligible’. 

    You need to have at least one ‘Eligible’  channel to request keys and become accredited. That also means that if you disconnect all of your eligible channels, you won’t be able to request any new games.