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Fat Dog Games

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Fat Dog Games

Welcome to the Fat Dog Games’ Keymailer page!

We finance an extensive library of nice indie games and we need your help in spreading a good word about them. Thanks to Keymailer we can reach the best streamers and content providers!

About Fat Dog Games

As a publisher, we invest in independent teams of game developers, giving them the opportunity to work full time on their projects. We provide funding for the entire product development cycle from concept to sales, including marketing and promotion.

Fat Dog Games specializes in publishing games on Steam, mobile platforms, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. We plan to publish over twenty games per year!

Our games were featured on the top gaming media such as Gamerant, Gamegrin, Darkstation and PCGamesN - and received a really good feedback from journalists and editors. While the games are still in the development phase, we are really proud to gain such interest.

Contact us via Keymailer, this may mark the start of a permanent cooperation!

For more information, feel free to check us on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and IndieDB.

About Keymailer

Keymailer makes it easier for YouTube content creators and Twitch/Mixer broadcasters to get free game keys and event tickets. The system stops anyone impersonating you or your channel fraudulently, securely confirming your identity to game publishers and event organisers so they can offer you the latest games and invites to gaming events, but without exposing your contact details to spamming.

Keymailer is free for gamers to request keys, and free for game publishers to respond to those requests. We highlight the great content you’re producing, display your live audience stats, and indicate which games and genres you’re interested in so publishers can send the right games to the right people. We never share your contact details, but don’t prevent you doing so. Instead we provide simple communication channels within Keymailer that fit how you work.

Keymailer also helps you quantify and convey your influence at a game or genre level, giving you more time to focus on creating content, improving your ranking, and growing your audience.

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