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The Stairway 7 - Anomaly Hunt Loop Horror Game

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The Stairway 7 is an endless loop anomaly hunter game where you are stuck in a endless loop of stairways with a cat and you have to observe your surroundings carefully to reach the exit. Anomalies are watching, and ready to hunt you down. Don't take them with you up the stairways to the exit otherwise they will hurt you, and eventually kill you.

The rules are simple: Don't overlook any anomalies. If you find anomalies, go down the stairways to banish and remove them. If you don't find anomalies, continue up the stairways. However, how carefully can you scan and memorize the environment and your surroundings? This game will make you find out. Do you have what it takes?

Experience the spine-chilling terror of The Stairway 7, a gripping horror game that will challenge your sanity as you navigate an ever-changing stairwell haunted by anomalies and malevolent forces. Step into the shoes of a brave soul trapped within the confines the Stairways, a mysterious structure where reality twists and bends with each passing moment.

In The Stairway 7, every flicker of a light, every shadowy figure, and every inexplicable occurrence could end your journey. Trust your instincts: if you detect an anomaly, go back down the stairways to remove them - and if not then continue up the stairways for your freedom. Beware though, for the deeper you go, the more twisted and perilous the environment becomes.

How good are your observation skills? You will surely test them out in The Stairway 7.

If you encounter an anomaly, move down the stairway. Otherwise, move up the stairs.

Some anomalies can try to trick you, while others will try to hurt and kill you.

There will be different type of anomalies, so always keep a sharp eye.

Find notes for secrets, medicine to heal and more which you can manage in inventory.

Careful .. some anomalies will try to blend in sight. How good is your memory?

Prepare to confront your deepest fears and test your resolve and observation skills. Your journey into darkness begins now... if you dare to take the first step.


The Stairway 7 - Anomaly Hunt Loop Horror Game

Released: 17th May 2024

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Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Survival


Steelkrill Studio


Steelkrill Studio

Release Date

17th May 2024

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YouTube Tag

the stairway 7 - anomaly hunt loop horror game




Steam - Windows


  • OS *: Windows 7 64-Bit or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2500K or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB or AMD equivalent
  • Storage: 4 GB available space