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Pets & Stuff VR (Meta Quest)

Game Information

By the creators of Shave & Stuff we present you Pets & Stuff!

Immerse yourself into the role of a pet groomer at a cute pet clinic. Help adorable, furry friends with all kinds of different treatments. Let your imagination run wild and impress not only your fuzzy customers, but everyone around with a completely renewed, colourful and healthy look. Everyone deserves to be happy, groomed and in style!

Cuteness overload and fur everywhere guaranteed!

Creator Guide

Game is VR exclusive and is currently only playable on Meta Quest (for now). 

Game flow is casual and learning curve is easy. Should be able to pickup the flow immediately.

Game is build around the premise for the ability to create variety of content easily

Game loop:
* A pet is brought to you
* Unpack it
* Help the pet and groom it (have fun)
* Take a photo - super, duper important!
* Finish and see the little pet jump

Pets (at the moment):
* A tiger
* A piglet
* An oxy
* A Deerling

* Unpacking the pet
* Cute responsiveness towards players actions
* Petting (super cute!)
* Feeding
* Epic fur simulation
* Vacuuming debris from fur
* Brushing fur
* Coloring
* Swatting flies
* Spraying mosquitos
* Healing infections
* Treating wounds
* Stylish Collars
* Cool glasses
* Ear cleaning
* Taking photo
* and more


Pets & Stuff VR (Meta Quest)

Released: 16th Dec 2023

The game is available now

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Casual, Simulation


HyperVR Games


HyperVR Games

Release Date

16th Dec 2023

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