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Kaku Ancient Seal

Enjoy this journey across a sprawling continent!  

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KAKU: Ancient Seal puts players in the role of Kaku who needs to restore balance to the land. Accompanied by your pet pig, you’ll have to brave the four elemental regions and conquer their lords if you’re to fulfill your destiny. 




There are 2 campaigns running on this product. 

1- Creator & Press Game Activation Keys

2- Creator & Press Giveaways 



Campaign Type: First release worldwide

Incentive:  Premium game activation key worth $25

Platforms in the campaign: Steam

Regions in the campaign: Worldwide



Incentive: Premium game key worth $25 PLUS giveaway of 5 game keys for your audience 

Eligibility: Channels with large audiences and who commit 100% to produce coverage



When can I create content? Embargo date is May 3rd 2023. You may produce coverage after the embargo ends. 

When does the campaign end? You may produce coverage between May 4th - August 4th of 2023 


Game Summary Info 

Price: $25

Type: Premium game ($25)

Similar Games:  Immortals: Fenyx x Rising, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Biomutant, God of War, TUNIC, Pine

# players: Singleplayer

Music: Soundtrack cleared for live streaming

Why is it good to feature on your channel? Kaku Ancient Seal is a open-world action game where you can explore this ancient continent filled with magical elements and keep your audience engaged! 

Gameplay Length: The game has a complete main storyline with over 30 hours of gameplay, massive maps, numerous epic boss battles,  puzzle-solving levels and underground ruins with totally different styles.

Difficulty: There are 3 levels to choose : Easy, Normal and Difficult - recommended to follow the tutorial 

Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Spanish - Spain, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese - Portugal, Korean, Italian, Turkish


About the Game:

1. Stylish, creative combat

Find your own fighting style with a variety of skills and equipment. Use an arsenal of swords, shields, and ranged weapons to defeat your enemies. Upgrade your abilities for more powerful attacks. KAKU: Ancient Seal allows freedom of expression to create your own road to victory!


2. Solve puzzles by combining the power of elements

Throughout the continent there are underground ruins begging to be uncovered. Filled with ancient mechanisms, these labyrinths will test your wits as you use your powers - and pet pig - to unlock their mysteries.


3. An ancient world based around four elements

Wind, fire, water, and earth, make up the cornerstones of this ancient land. Traverse four regions based on these, including a gloomy swamp, frozen tundra, surging magma volcano, and a desert wasteland. 

4. A world on the brink of annihilation

KAKU: Ancient Seal is a semi-open world action-adventure game set in a world on the edge of collapse. Created by the power of endless elements, the land’s life force has since dissipated, bringing about ruin to its inhabitants. In order to save this precarious world, Kaku must leave the only home he’s ever known and travel through the elemental land with his pig companion. Can they regain the lost power and restore the land to its ancient glory?


Kaku Ancient Seal

Released: 4th May 2023

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Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG





Release Date

4th May 2023

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kaku ancient seal



PC Requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS:
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  • Graphics: