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Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island


The Mystery Dungeon System The Mystery Dungeon offers endless gameplay with procedurallygenerated dungeon maps, enemies, and loot to ensure that every game will be a new challenge for even the most seasoned adventurers. Shiren starts at level one each time he enters a dungeon,so he needs to grow by defeating enemies, gathering loot, and building strength.All the gear and levels Shiren accumulates will be lost if he collapses during exploration and must restart from scratch. The action progresses on a turn-based system, which allows players to plan carefullyand thoughtfully.Players must use their accumulated knowledge, experience, and imagination to succeed.


The "Mystery Dungeon" Awaits! - In the Mystery Dungeon, the layout of its many floors, the tools you obtain within, and the presence of both friends and foes are different every time you enter.The situation changes each time, so it's up to you to prepare and adapt to unexpected challenges as they appear.Arm yourself with knowledge of the dungeon's threats, collect useful resources, and gather allies to make it through. Strive to reach the dungeon's deepest depths and highest summits!

Convenient Gameplay Features - Take advantage of useful features designed to make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.Important functions include having two types of live search displays that can be used for different purposes or the ability to track your own steps on the mini-map.

Online Rescues! - Should a player collapse in the middle of their dungeon adventure, they can call on other players for a Rescue to get them back on track. Rescued players can pick up right where they left off without losing any progress.There are plenty of new online features to expand the range of gameplay. 


About Shiren the Wanderer:

The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island Afterreceiving a vision ofa mysterious girl held captive bya terrible monster, Shiren and Koppa make their wayto Serpentcoil Island―a distantisle rumored to be the loststronghold oftreasure-hoarding pirates. To brave the many dangers that awaitthem, Shiren and Koppa must traverse complex dungeons filled with hostile monsters, hidden traps, and useful items. All the gear and experience Shiren accumulates will be lostif he collapses during exploration,so beware ofrushing in unprepared! Rescue the mysterious girl and uncover the mystery that clouds Serpentcoil Island. The forthcoming release for Nintendo Switch marks the series' latest mainline entry to come to the West since Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate wasreleased on PlayStation®Vita in 2016 and then on Nintendo Switch in 2020. While preserving the traditional gameplay,thisinstallment introduces new elements and 3D graphics to create a fresh and exciting adventure.


About the Shiren the Wanderer Series:

Shiren the Wandererseries ofroguelike RPG games began with the 1995 release ofMystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer for the Super Famicom in Japan. Players venture into a "Mystery Dungeon" that changes each time they enter.To succeed, they need to rely on their wits, experience, and creative thinking to overcome monsters, avoid perilous traps, and conquerthe dungeon. Players who run out of energy during theirjourney will lose all oftheir possessions including tools,money,and gear, and must startagain atlevel one. Players will experience a thrilling and tense adventure with unexpected events and risks that cannot be redone.



Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island

Released: 27th Feb 2024

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Roguelike, RPG


Reef Entertainment


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27th Feb 2024

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shiren the wanderer: the mystery dungeon of serpentcoil island