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Shave & Stuff VR

Creator Guide

To create high-quality footage in VR Quest2, you have to use the Sidequest app for Windows
If you need any assistance you are welcome to contact us via [email protected]

Campaign Information

Game type: Premium
Price: $14.99
Regions in the campaign: Worldwide
Time to learn: easy to play
Intended Audience: everyone
Offer: Key

Game Information

A casual barbershop game where the player's objective is to serve a client by matching the client's needs using many tools at the player's disposal or just have raw creative fun.

Want to make someone bald? You got it! Want to create a colorful punk hairstyle? You got it! Want to regrow hair from scratch? That's right - You got it!

A variety of tools available:

  • list of trimmers for a fun trimming look
  • razorblade for that nice close shave
  • a lot of differently colored spray cans for a colorful experience
  • hair grower, because we believe in science
  • water spray bottle for some wetness
  • hairdryer for some dryness
  • comb for visual reasons
  • cactus for undisclosed reasons
  • and more


Shave & Stuff VR

Released: 20th Apr 2023

The game is available now

Request key

Requires a VR headset to play!



Casual, Simulation


HyperVR Games


HyperVR Games

Release Date

20th Apr 2023

Official Hashtag


YouTube Tag

shave & stuff early access



Virtual Reality

A VR headset is required.


Steam - Windows
Oculus Quest

Meta Quest & Quest 2 headset