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Cepheus Protocol Digital Art Book

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Discover the art book behind Cepheus Protocol Pandemic mode. Featuring Fun facts and tons of art from behind the scenes. More art wil be added to the art book after the Summer of 2022.

After a mysterious meteorite is discovered in Antarctica in the late 1990s, an alien virus is harvested and developed into a horrific weapon of war. When a sample is taken after a daring Navy SEAL raid on a Chinese military facility, the Pangu Virus is accidentally released on the cargo ship Voyager Dawn where Chelsey Trader is exposed, becoming patient zero. Chelsey begins to spread the virus among the population of Treasure Island, San Francisco, which are mutated into murderous creatures with one goal, spread the Pangu Virus to all life.

The only group capable of stopping the spread of the virus is the men and women of the CERC, an elite government force created to combat a global rise in viral and biological warfare. However, what they encounter goes beyond anything the CERC has trained for.

Experience the events of the Cepheus Protocol through the eyes of those on the ground as many some struggle to survive, while others seek to stop Chelsey Trader before our world is transformed into an alien hellscape.

Instructions are as follows:
Upon purchase, this book will be downloaded to your computer in one format: pdf. To access your Art Book, navigate to the Pandemic Lore and Artbook folder in your Cepheus Protocol game folder.
* Right click Cepheus Protocol in your Steam Library
* Select Properties
* Go to the Local Files tab
* Click Browse Local Files
* Open the Pandemic Lore and Artbook folder
* To read the book on your mobile device, transfer the pdf Pandemic Lore and Artbook reader app. Enjoy!

Cepheus Protocol Digital Art Book

Released: 10th May 2022

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Cepheus Protocol


Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy


Halcyon Winds


Halcyon Winds

Release Date

10th May 2022

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PC Requirements
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Additional Notes: PDF reader